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Swimming Lessons 

    The Pool is renowned for its wide range of swimming lessons that cater for all ages and abilities.
    Our aim is to provide a high standard of swimming tuition in a safe environment.

    Junior Lessons

    Junior lessons are run throughout the year. Each term lasting ten weeks, running consecutively from January to December.
    There is a break over Christmas, but lessons continue through all other school holidays.
    Classes are available for all levels. They include:



Beginner Groups 1,2 & 3
Time: 30 minutes
Instructor & Assistant in water.
Swimming widths.

These class are run at the shallow end of the pool. Children need to be confident in this area of the pool where they will be taught water skills and basic strokes. They should be confident on their front and back. Tummy bands may be worn.

Beginner Group 4
Time : 30 minutes
Instructor on poolside, Assistants in water
Swimming widths

Children should be confident in the water and should require no assistance in travelling in the water. They should be able to submerge completely and swim unaided. They will develop strokes and skills further in slightly deeper water.

Improvers Groups 5 & 6
Time: 30 minutes
Instructor on poolside, Assistants in water,
Group 5 widths & lengths.
Group 6 lengths

These classes are divided according to ability, with 6 being the most advanced. Children should be confident in swimming in the deepest part of the pool and be able to complete at least 50m unaided. Technique on strokes with correct breathing and skills are developed further.

Improvers Group 7
Time: 45 minutes.
Instructor on poolside.

Swimmers should be able to complete at least 200m using good technique in 3 strokes. Technique will be further developed along with the introduction of turns and dives.

Improvers Group 8
Time: 45 minutes.
Instructor on poolside.

Swimmers should be able to complete at least 400m and competant and at a high standard in all 4 strokes. Will be working towards Stage 8-Swimming Badge criteria.

Survive and Save
Time: 1 hour.
Instructor on poolside

This group is by invitation swimmers will be group 7 standard or have Rookie Silver 3. Intensive swimming including the RLSS Survive and Save and competitive swimming for all strokes.

    Other Information
    All teachers are fully qualified and have undergone rigorous police checks. All floats and aids are provided and where appropriate, badges and certificates are provided.
    All pupils participating in swimming lessons will be required to wear a hat and goggles, these can be purchased from reception.
    During lessons, we ask that parents try to avoid communicating with their children, as this can interrupt the lesson that our qualified staff are trying to carry out. 




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