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Admission and Hygiene Policy


      Please be aware of the following:

      Adult is 16 years and over.

      Junior is 5-16 years.

      In the interest of customer safety a detailed admissions policy is in operation. Please look for signs and leaflets on site.

      Telephone queries are welcome.
      Be aware that there is no such thing as a non- slip floor. Any surface that is wet will be more slippery than a surface that is dry.

      Do not run and take special care when using the areas around the pool.
      Owing to the nature of many modern costume fabrics, the management cannot accept responsibility for damage to costumes resulting from use of the pool.

      Use of flippers and snorkels are not allowed during public swimming.


    Important personal hygiene practices can significantly reduce swimming pool water pollution. All bathers are requested to comply with the following code of practice to assist in achieving this.

      Please use the pre swim showers before bathing.

      Please use the toilet before entering the pool, and encourage children to do so.

      Please wear suitable clean swim wear.

      Children still requiring nappies are encouraged to wear a recognised swim nappy.

      Conventional nappies are not permitted in the pool.

      Outdoor shoes are not permitted on poolside.

      Bathers who have had sickness and/or diarrhoea should avoid swimming for at least two weeks.

      Any incident involving contamination of the pool must be reported to staff immediately.

      Use of flippers and snorkels are not allowed during public swimming.


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